About Branley Ash Sportponies

I (Christine) have always loved ponies. I didn't grow up with horses or ponies of my own but I was a horse CRAZY kid. I read every book I could get my hands on - my favourite book to read through at night was the "Breeds of the world" book with pictures and characteristics of all the different horse breeds. I learned to ride starting at the age of 8 by taking one lesson a week thanks to my grandfather and volunteering at a local trail ride stable. Being the short one, I always got the ponies! 

Skip ahead several years and I finally was able to purchase my first pony at the age of 18. She was a buckskin and white APHA cross mare named Cookie. Shortly after came a fat 14hh bay mare named Sweet Pea, who is still with me today. Sweet Pea put up with my shenanigans for years, racing up the dirt roads, going to fall fairs, learning to be a reiner. I had other horses after her, but she made me appreciate what a small package could be. 

Branley Ash Sportponies was created in the memory of my father Bruce Baker and my grandfather Stanley (which combined gives Branley) and in cooperation with my fabulous friends at Ashland Farm (Ash) without whom none of this would be possible.