In-Utero Foals

Cosmopolitan D * Kyradansa

Another repeat of a 2020 cross that knocked it out of the park. We will be importing Branley Ash Crescendo this fall but are excited to have a full sibling coming in 2021! The plan is to import Kyradansa in foal so the foal should be available in North America at birth.  

The foal should have 3 top quality gaits and a wonderful disposition. Colt option only at this time. 

RAWF 2018 3 (2).JPG

Topper Harley * Georgina (Dornik B)

This foal should be spectacular. Georgina has produced nothing but Premium foals, and her oldest 2 offspring are a States Premium Mare and Bundeschampionat Silver Medalist as well as a licensed stallion. Her 2018 colt was being prepared for licensing but due to COVID 19, there were no inspections. The 2020 version of this cross is spectacular and should he not have sold within the first week of birth I would have retained him as a future stallion prospect.  Once again, I expect nothing less than an elegant, super moving and excellent minded foal. 

We tried our hand at fetal sexing and believe the foal to be a colt. Please contact if interested, though we won't be selling in utero at this time.

Deja D'Or * Lilac (FS Don't Worry)

The two most prolific GRP stallions in one pedigree! A son of Dornik B crossed with a daughter of FS Don't Worry should result in the most rideable pony one could ever want!! And from these two, it will be pretty and have an unbeatable character. The full sibling from 2020 was spoken for very quickly and rightly so, she is correct, smart, easy going and has the moves!

**UPDATE** - Colt born April 26 2021! 

Piaffe attempt 1.jpg
trot 1.jpg

Branley Ash Dynasty *Zinfeta Interagro

First ever foal from Branley Ash Dynasty!! The 2020 GRP/Lusitano cross turned out fabulously and this one should be equally special. 

Zinfeta Interagro is a 2003 Lusitano mare imported from Brazil. She was trained to 4th level before becoming a broodmare and she has had 4 super WB cross foals!! Her first colt for me by Blue Hors Farrell is fabulous. I can only hope for a smaller version from this cross. 

Milky Way * Flaire

A delightful small horse that will move and jump! 

I expect this foal to be a super mover with an amateur friendly temperament and trainability. The dashing good looks and golden colour will be just a bonus from these two!
Confo LS Oct 2020.jpg