Topper Harley

Trendsetter/Mariano/Vita Novas Hanassie
Breeder: Oliver John

15hh Homozygous Black 
Licensed Weser-Ems and Westfalen. 

Topper Harley was purchased by us as a foal through the Ponyforum Foal auction. He stood out with his striking colour, movement and type. He has grown up to be a larger version of the foal we fell in love with. His father Trendsetter (Totilas/Dancier) unfortunately only stood for for one season as he hurt himself irreparably in a paddock accident the following spring. He was Premium at his licensing and showed successfully at a few young horse shows before his untimely passing.
Topper's mother El.St. Madita VS has 3 licensed sons and a States Premium daughter, proving that she is an exceptional producer! Her foals all exhibit her sweet and kind nature and gorgeous face. 

Topper was licensed with Weser-Ems in 2018 and had a successful first breeding season in 2019. He produced some super foals in 2020 and again in 2021! He produces a super type, elegant correct gaits and a charming character in his foals. 

Topper also began his show career in 2021 with some excellent scores over 78% in the FEI 5yo Prelim test. We aim to continue his success in 2022 with a full show season if all goes well! 

Topper Harley's regular stud fee with LFG for 2022 is $1000.00CAD +HST for Canadian customers
Early booking price of $850.00CAD until February 1. Multiple mare discounts, Premium/Performance mare discounts and returning customer discounts available. 
He is also available by the dose at $775CAD/dose without LFG. It can be changed to a LFG breeding at any time.

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head shot 2.jpg
Birthday headshot
November 2020 trot
July 14 canter
July 14 trot 1
trot under saddle 8
trot under saddle 3
Stand 2
canter 1
head shot
trot Oct 20
canter still 1
Trot 2
Trot 4
Trot 1
canter 1
trot inside
Topper October 2018.png
Topper October 2018 2.png
Topper Harley 2.jpg
Topper face.jpg
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Topper Harley 1.jpg
Topper Harley

Topper Harley